Cebu City South Road Properties Lighting

Date: Q1–Q2 2022
Quantity: 90 sets of HL Lighting Vialux 150W and 97 sets HL Street Solar Mini 30W
Project: Lighting the road on bike lane at the South Road Properties in Cebu.

Key Features:

  • Low energy LED and Solar Lighting solution
  • Better uniformity on the main road for safety
  • Long lasting, high quality installation

Completing the lighting of the new Cebu City

Hitech Lighting World Corporation together with our construction partners, and DPWH have realized this project in early 2022 for the Main road lighting and 2021 for the bike lane. Both projects working hand in hand and becoming one to make the lighting in Cebu a bit more uniform. For the main road the same lighting was used as the Cebu Cordova bridge to have a continuous lighting flow. On the bike lane we made us of solar powered lights to make Cebu step into the future and open itself up to becoming greener and greener in terms of lighting. This project was successful and even noticed by the head of DPWH, who did a feature on the bike lane on social media..

Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway Cross Lighting

Date: Q2 2021
Quantity: 800 sets HL LINEAR LED
Project: Lighting up of the 8 iconic crosses on the Cebu- Cordova Link Expressway main bridge.

Key Features:

  • Low energy high output LED solution
  • Use of Eco-friendly developed luminaires
  • 100% uniformity on all crosses
  • Visibility from kilometers away
  • Long lasting, high quality installation

Lighting up iconic structures

CLJV, the company that is building the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, asked us to come up with the right light and installation for their 8 iconic crosses on the main bridge of the Expressway. We were able to produce the right solution for them and were contracted to supply and install 800 HL LINEAR LED lights over the 8 different crosses on top of the bridge. These 40-meter-high crosses on top of the pillars are representing the 500-year anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines, and the landing of Magellan in Cebu. We used 0.5- and 1-meter modules in a Linear circuit to outline and fill the crosses with light. For the installation we made use of the highest-grade Stainless steel to match the materials used in the cross to prevent corrosion. This will ensure a long-lasting lighting effect with minimal maintenance.

Philippines 2019 30th South East Asian Games

Date: Q3/Q4 2019
Quantity: 340 pcs HL AREALED 960W, 60 pcs HL AREALED 480W, 86 pcs HL AREALED 240W and 4 18 meter High masts
Project: Lighting up the Stadium, training oval track, Competition Pool, Competition diving pool and the training pool according to FINA AND IAAF standards for the 2019 Philippines SEA Games.

Key Features:

  • Competition areas with 1500 lux average and 1000 lux minimum for tv broadcasting
  • Training areas with 500 lux average lighting and high uniformities
  • Minimum glare requirements for the FINA and IAAF Standards
  • Total concept from design to installation, testing, aiming and commissioning

Lighting the SEA Games

The Southeast Asian Games, also known as the SEA Games, is a biennial multi-sport event involving participants from the current 11 countries of Southeast Asia. The games is under regulation of the Southeast Asian Games Federation with supervision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southeast_Asian_Games

Cavite Vermosa Estate

Date: June 2017
Quantity: Citea NG (53-Watts & 19-Watts)
Project: Vermosa Spine Road Lighting, coveringthe main road, circular road of Vermosa’s Sports Complex and De La Salle Campus

Key Features:

  • Road & Bike Lane average illumination over 15 lux
  • Pedestrian average illumination is over 13 lux

A Modern Suburban Community in Cavite

Vermosa Estate is a 700-hectare estate in Cavite City. It is a mixed-use development of residential, retail and business spots in one destination. It has allocated 165 hectares for open space. These mixed-used destinations are inter-connected by a spine road that brings together residential, retail, sports and office spaces in a vast complex fueled by sports and fitness. The Vermosa Sports Hub (VSH) is a state-of-the-art professionally–managed sports facility opened to the public late March 2018. It is envisioned to be the premier training ground of amateur and professional athletes and the preferred venue for national and international sports events in the Philippines. The VSH will be the first sports facility in the country to combine a FINA-standard Olympic size swimming pool, an IAAF standard 400m track oval and a complete indoor training facility equipped with a sports science laboratory. The facility will feature expert coaches, trainers and tie-ups with internationally recognized training institutions with experience in training athletes that competes in the international level.

Davao Botanical Garden

Date: Q4 2017 - Q2 2018
Quantity: 3 Kazu's, 21 Brika's, 5 Neos floodlights, 6 Open Bollards, 1 Friza, 1 Stylage
Project: Newly built Botanical Garden in Davao City.

Key Features:

  • Created ambiance lighting with aesthetic Kazu, Friza and Stylage
  • Park perimeter lit with Brika & Neos

Family time & relax in the heart of Davao City

The Davao Botanical Garden is a 1-hectare property located within the Marfori Subdivision in Davao City. The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and the cooperation of the Marfori Subdivision Homeowners Association took initiative to create this beautiful park. It was officially opened on December 4, 2017. It has manicured grass gardens with the colorful flowers and plants. A cobblestone pathway within the park will take you through a corner chapel, a covered basketball court at another corner and across is a portion which features a wide variety of species of the local trees planted alongside each other. It’s a relaxing place to visit and hang-out whether you’re alone or with friends. After you feast your eyes and refresh your senses with the greenery and colorful gardens there are numerous restaurants, cafés and specialty stores throughout the main road across the garden.

Cebu Port Authority

Date: Q3 2016
Quantity: 204 pcs - Omnistar 300W - 470W, 42 pcs Voltana 5 - 230W, 42 pcs Voltana 4 - 110W
Project: Upgrade lighting facilities in according with department of labor (DOLE) illumination and uniformity standards.

Key Features:

  • Compliant with DOLE standards
  • Handling area average illumination > 50 Lux
  • Non-handling area average illumination > 30 Lux
  • Increased productivity due to ability to work well at night
  • Power savings around 50% compared to HID

DOLE compliant, increased productivity & power savings

The Port of Cebu is a seaport located in Cebu City, Philippines. It is the port that serves the Metro Cebu Area and it is managed by the Cebu Port Authority. It is the largest domestic port in the Philippines, mostly serving routes in the Visayas and Mindanao. The harbor consists of international and domestic sections. The Cebu International Port covers an area of 14 hectares (35 acres), consisting of 512 metres (1,680 ft) of berthing space, with 1,953 TEU ground slots and 204 refrigerated container plugs, as well as a bulk handling terminal. The Cebu Domestic Port covers an area of 21 hectares (52 acres), consisting of 3,838.47 metres (12,593.4 ft) of berthing space and 3 piers, 3 passenger terminals for inter-island trips, and 2 ferry terminals for Cebu City-Mactan ferry boats. In 2016 the Cebu Port handled 127,743 Domestic Shipcalls and 1,163 Foreign shipcalls. The Omnistars were used for the main port handling area where labor code required either 30 or 50 Lux illumination. The Voltanas were used along the roads and other handling areas.

Davao Maharlika Highway AH26

Date: Q1 2018
Quantity: 200 Voltana 5
Project: New construction of the center island with 100 double arm poles on main highway from the airport towards the city.

Key Features:

  • Energy Savings of around 50% compared to old HPS luminaires
  • Use of Eco-friendly developed luminaires
  • Uniformity between 50-60%
  • Average illumination of more than 44 Lux

Raising the standards in Road Safety

The Pan-Philippine Highway, also known as the Maharlika Highway is a 3,517 km (2,185 mi) network of roads, bridges, and ferry services that connect the islands of Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao in the Philippines, serving as the country's principal transport backbone. It is the longest highway in the Philippines that forms the country's north–south backbone designated as the National Route 1 (N1) of the Philippine highway network. The Davao City segment, whose terminus at Panacan district spams alongside the Fransisco Bay International Airport, serves as the entry and exit route of Tourists and Air-traveling public, therefore, it was important that the Road Standards and guidelines in lighting were followed. The department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) was searching for the right lighting solution for an (N1 Class) road, the Voltana 5, being the 'King' of the Voltana series rightfully took the throne on the 100 dual arm, 8 meter high, center-island poles for Phase 1 of this project.

Naga City Sports Complexes

Date: Q1/Q2 2016
Quantity: 75 pcs Omnistars - 470W, 16 pcs Neos 3 - 139W, 5 High Masts for Omnistars on Oval Track
Project: Upgrade of all sporting facilities for the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Assocation games in 2016.

Key Features:

  • Minimum average of 120 Lux on oval track and 180 on football field.
  • Uniformity of 63% on Oval Track
  • Uniformity of 87% on Football field
  • Anti-Glare luminaire and design for sports lighting
  • Tennis and badminton court are adequatly lit and intensively used

The City of Naga is a city in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census it has a population of 115,750. In December 2015 Naga City government inaugurated the Teodoro Mendiola Sports Field and Oval, located along North Poblacion. It was ready for the main venue for the 2016 Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA) games in February. The P68 million project comprises a track and field oval, swimming pool (Olympic-sized), and basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts.

Cebu Streetscape Mall

Date: Q2 2015
Quantity: 5 pcs Perla - 73W, 5 Voltana 2
Project: Newly built high end strip urban mall with dining and shopping facilities.

Key Features:

  • Created unique ambiance entering mall with aesthetic Perla
  • Parking lit with Voltana series
  • Custom designed poles that fit in with Mall design
  • Uniformity of more than 84%
  • Average illumination of more than 22 Lux

Ambiance & Elegance in uptown Cebu

An artistic representation of a street, Streetscape brings a fresh take on a strip mall concept. Designed by Archt. Mike Torres of Archiglobal Inc., its clean lines and all-white structure gives off a light and spacious feel. Built by KG Design Builders Co. by twins Kristofer Go and Kelvin Go, the ceilings are also much higher than usual to add to the openness of the entire building. Owned and managed by the mother and daughter duo Jessica L. Go and Carla L. Go. Streetscape is envisioned to be a dining and lifestyle destination, offering new and exciting concepts mixed with a few solid brands. Located in Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, this 2-storey strip mall is highly accessible but at the same time tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Davao City Hall

Date: March 2018
Quantity: 2 pcs NEOS 1 / 17 pcs NEOS 2 / 2 Pcs NEOS 3
Project: Refurbishing of the internal offices of the structure and a periodic maintenance of its façade.

An Iconic Building in Davao

The Old City Hall (formerly the Municipal Building) was constructed in 1926, some ten years before Davao finally became a city and since then has remained to be an iconic building as much as it is the Official Headquarters of the Mayor of the City. There is an ongoing refurbishing of the internal offices of the structure and a periodic maintenance of its façade. It is also on this activity that the upgrade of the Floodlights was implemented. Whereas the beauty of the building itself was evident during the daytime, now, it is even more majestic with the newly installed SCHREDER NEOS Series which simply beholds you upon sight at night.

Davao Ladislawa Garden Village

Date: Q2 2018
Quantity: 222 pcs Voltana 2, 24 pcs. Brika 2
Project: To replace the light infrastructure of Ladislawa Garden Village from HPS to LED and achieve the following results:

Key Features:

  • Increase lighting levels on its streets
  • Improving safety & well-being of residents using a Warm color temperature
  • Use of environmental ‘green’ responsible produced luminaires
  • Reduce power consumption by at least 33%
  • Eliminate maintenance/ reduce operational costs equivalent to 46% of their maintenance cost

Suburban living with the beauty of nature

Situated in Davao City, Ladislawa Garden Village is 62-hectare development constructed in 1974. It has become one of the city’s most exclusive centrally located residential villages that provides the comfort of suburban living with the beauty of nature. Through the years the cost of illuminating their community took its toll and the residents desired acost efficient, greener, safer and illuminated environment to live in. The Ladislawa Garden Village Homeowners Association Board has chosen our luminaires for replacing the complete village old HPS system. The choice of a slightly warmer temperature of LED luminaire is in line with the aim of the residential green area and will still give that ‘homey’ ambiance whilst reducing the costs and meeting the world’s best environmental responsible produced luminaires.

Tacloban Sto. Niño Parish

Date: Q3 2014 – 2015
Quantity: 34 pcs Neos 1, 2 Focal Spot LED, Various TAL products such as Cedrus, Micro Obo, etc.
Project: The indoor and outdoor lighting we designed to bring out the beauty in the classic structure with various Schréder and TAL exclusive products.

Key Features:

  • Used the Church’s structure to create dimensions and depth
  • Maximized using indirect illumination to bring out more beauty on the structure
  • Used various small variations in color temperature to further enhance depth and a warm cozy atmosphere in the Parish
  • Mixed the best of TAL and Schréder within budget of the project
  • Nowadays, the illuminated bell tower is supposedly visual from some areas in Leyte and Samar near Tacloban

A historical landmark in the city

The Santo Niño Parish in Tacloban City is a historical landmark in the city. In 1596 the Jesuits built a small chapel or ‘visita’ under the titular Dulce Nombre de Jesus. The small chapel was made up of light materials and nipa. When the Jesuits where expelled from the country, the Augustinians from nearby Cebu’s‘Basilica del Sto. Niño’ took over and renamed the chapel Sto. Niño. This all happened in 1768, the same year when Tacloban was declared a city and the first Spanish settlers settled in. The Franciscans came in around 1843 to manage the parish and by 1860, a new Romanesque Church was built with a towering appearance and the prominence of round arches and small windows ventilating around the church. The church was made of adobe and a mixture of coral stones, a common style and method during this period. It was in 1990 that the church was handed over to the Archdiocese of Palo. The church has since then battled and sustained a few typhoons and earthquakes. The strongest typhoon being in 2013 when Yolanda (Haiyan) destroyed most of Tacloban and the church provided cover and shelter saving human life. A big rehabilitation project started in 2014 with the help of donations to make the Parish shine again after the typhoon in 2013. The indoor and outdoor lighting we designed to bring out the beauty in the classic structure with various Schréder and TAL exclusive products. We received a well appreciated ‘plague of recognition’ from Archbishop of Palo, John F. Du for our support and services in the project.

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